Marathon done!

It’s 48 hours since we lined up to start the Brighton Marathon… and about 43 since we finished it! Results here for those interested. It was both much harder and way more fun than expected.Marathon finishers


There are lots of people we need to thank. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us by donating through our JustGiving page. So far we’ve got £1,617.20 in the kitty, which is pretty exciting! If you’ve donated then you really should feel great for supporting the valuable work done by CRY. Thanks to everyone who offered me advice during training and in the run-up to the big day. Thanks to all our friends and family and all the volunteers, celebs and the strangers who came out to support us on Sunday. It’s amazing how a cheer and a few words of encouragement can keep your legs going at mile 21.

Tips for first-timers

This was my first marathon, and first race of more than 10k. If you’re considering doing a marathon you really should go for it. I don’t really have any particular words of wisdom to pass on, but here are a few things that were important for me on the day and might help you:

  • Run with a friend and stick together.
  • Your race time really doesn’t matter. Save that for your second marathon.
  • Keep running.
  • … but it’s ok to stop for a wee.
  • Thank the crowds – you’ll need them.
  • Vaseline. Everywhere.
  • Eat.
  • Follow a training plan, but don’t worry too much about it.
  • This book was useful (despite the New Age mumbo jumbo).

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