Chris Sampson

Just another health economist


I have profile pages all over the place; usually with the username ChrisSampson87.

If you’d like updates on my publications and other academic stuff, follow me on Google Scholar, ResearchGate and

Music is my other main interest. You can see what I’ve been listening to by following me on Bandcamp and, and see what vinyl I’m trading on Discogs.

I like running. Follow me on Fetcheveryone and Strava to see where I’ve been going and to egg me on.

I also like contributing to collaborative websites like Wikipedia, Wikidata, Stack Exchange and WikiTree.

I like taking poor quality photos, then sharing them with Creative Commons licences and watching them be used across the internet. I do most of that on Flickr, but also Google Maps and Wikimedia Commons.

I sometimes also like reviewing places I’ve been to, like restaurants and whatnot. I mainly do this on Google Maps.

I also like beer. See what I’ve been drinking on Untappd.


Lots of services run referral programmes that could benefit us both. Follow these links if you like freebies (and/or would like me to receive freebies):

  • Abel & Cole: Get your 10 a day.
  • Airbnb: Sleep somewhere else.
  • Basecamp: Simple but effective project management.
  • Sleep somewhere else again.
  • Dropbox: Store digital stuff.
  • Evernote: Stop trying to remember everything.
  • Grammarly: Check your spelling.
  • Graze: Yum!
  • Housekeep: Get your house cleaned.
  • Kiva: Microfinance to alleviate poverty.
  • LastPass: This will change your life.
  • Overleaf: Collaborative scientific writing with LaTeX.
  • RescueTime: Use your time more wisely.
  • Teamwork: A beast of a project management solution.
  • Trello: Simple tool for organising anything.
  • XMiles: Fuel for running.
  • YouGov: Maybe you can make the polls less wrong.
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